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by Amy Hayes Published 8 months ago Updated 6 months ago

How do I access the Rosehill College Portal?

Parents and Caregivers should have received their logins and password for the Rosehill College Portal. There is also a link to this portal from the school website. Besides events and notices, the portal gives personal information for each student:

When is the Rosehill College meeting this year?

The meeting for Rosehill College members with be on this Thursday 24 February. Timetabled classes will finish at 12:35pm on that day. Murphy’s buses have been organised to collect students at 12:35 pm.

How do I contact Rosehill College marketing? or +61 434 287 929. Life is worthy and the future is promising. "In my opinion, my caring and patient teacher is very nice to us all and she speaks very slowly and clearly over the Zoom session.

Who is the clinical psychologist at Rosehill?

Rosehill welcomes Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist, Author and Speaker. Buy tickets! Rosehill receives recognition! Rosehill receives Bronze award for SWPBS. Re-igniting children’s learning and getting their mojo back.


Important news

The PPTA is holding paid union meetings with its members in the week of 21 to 25 February.

Rosehill College School App

We have launched our Rosehill College School App. You can use the app to keep up to date with the latest news, easily contact us and access the Parent Portal.

More Than Just Old-School Beauty

The birthplace of hip-hop. The home of the New York Yankees. Green. Gothic. A place for you to grow.

Two Colleges. One Campus

Fordham College at Rose Hill A thriving liberal arts college with all the benefits of a larger research university and the resources of New York City. FCRH provides a traditional college experience with a modern point of view: that by enriching our students—mind, body, and spirit—we are supporting not just learners but knowledge creators.

Never Stop

Never Stop: A Fordham Story About Relentless Intelligence. Rose Hill student Ben Delikat talks about the benefits of a Fordham education.

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