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What is the UA-PTC financial aid Portal?

Your UA-PTC Financial Aid Portal is available 24/7 to guide you through the financial aid process. Your portal gives you access to the following: Monitor important messages, deadlines, and information related to your financial aid

What is the campus portal?

The Campus Portal is an information source that offers a wide selection of features available for the campus community to use right away. University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College provides access to high-quality education that promotes student learning and enables individuals to develop to their fullest potential. Are you a NEW USER?

What is UA – Pulaski tech financial aid?

The mission of UA – Pulaski Tech’s Office of Financial Aid is to provide educational opportunities through its administration of student financial aid and to insure compliance with federal, state, and institutional statutory and/or regulatory requirements associated with the delivery of student financial assistance and financial resources. 1.

Is UA-PTC open for registration?

GO FURTHER. Plan a visit to UA-PTC! Registration is open! University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College is YOUR community's technical college.

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When is the graduation deadline for UA PTC?

Sunday, Aug. 1 at 12 a.m., is the graduation application deadline for UA-PTC students who will complete all requirements for degrees and certificates during the Summer terms. Students may apply for gr...

What is volume 16 of Pulaski Tech?

Volume 16 of the UA - Pulaski Tech student academic and literary journal, Milestones, is now available for download at The new edition contains 13 essays from UA-PTC students. M...

How to register for classes at UC Berkeley?

Current students have a few options for registering for classes: 1 Register for classes on the Campus Portal (LOGIN REQUIRED). 2 E-mail your assigned faculty advisor for assistance. 3 Schedule an appointment with Academic Advising.

Where can I buy Follett textbooks?

Course materials can be purchased at the bookstore or online via the bookstore website . If a textbook is not available, check out Follett's Access Textbook Program to purchase digital textbooks at a reduced cost. Students will see a significant savings on course materials — up to 75 percent.

What is the phone number for a transfer to UC Berkeley?

After being admitted, schedule an appointment with Academic Advising or call (501) 812-2220.

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